July 16, 2014

Here We Go Again

I've gone back and forth and done some strange things in the past, but that time is over. High school has been graduated from, growing up is in full swing, and real life is finally beginning. With summer here, the need for something to do with all this empty time has returned. Adventures and crazy thoughts are all just around the corner. So, now this gets real. Sharing with others is all part of the fun. Social media is good for the short story, but here the long one can be shared.

Seeing as I'm terrible at keeping the motivation for these projects going on my own, we'll have to see what happens. In the past I tried getting some friends in on it, but nothing really came of it. There's still a chance of that in the future though. Either way I'll try to keep this going at least up until I head off on my LDS mission later this year. Maybe I'll get my family to share those adventures here too. After that, it will all depend on what college and life throw at me. If you choose to come along for the ride, then I thank you very much.

Until the next one,

March 1, 2013

Challenge Accepted

Fine Cameron, I'll say stuff just for you. But I'm only doing it because you bugged me so much.

I'm not so sure what gave Cameron such a pessimistic view. In just a few short weeks, track and field begins! I've trained hard all winter in the weight room, and I'm ready to run. Unfortunately, we will will not have a track to run on this year. A new one is being put in, but it won't be done in time to run on. Fortunately, that means I get a brand new track for my senior year!

I will admit that this inversion sucks, though. Because the air quality has been so cruddy, I have been unable to run outside. I have had to run throughout the school, which isn't nearly as fun and can be brutal to the shins. I have also come into possession of a Kahuna Big Stick. You can all look that up. But because of the poor air quality, I can't go land paddling. It's killing me.

That's all I'm willing to write for now, so until I might do this again.

-- The Strange One --

February 17, 2013

The Season of Discouragement

This time of year is my least favorite. Luckily, with my new found friends, it's not as bad as usual.