October 7, 2012

Thoughts on General Conference

This weekend, people around the world watched/listened to talks by general authorities in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is what we call General Conference. You can check it out HERE. There were a lot of cool things that they spoke on and things that happened that I would like to share my thoughts on. Even if you don't believe in the same things that we do, or maybe you don't know what we believe in, I ask you to at least check them out since some of them explain just that. :)

September 24, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another

I got on tonight to do just a quick check up on my email and YouTube subscriptions. To my surprise I found a new song from Peter Hollens was put up today. It's called The Lazy Politicians Song and features the voices of both Peter Hollens and Luke Conard.

Well, of course when I saw all the cool people in the video I had to check out all their channels, which Peter linked in the description.

September 1, 2012

School and Hidden Symbolism

It has been a week since school began. So far it has just been going through the motions for the most part. (except for running a 29:27 5K this week...)

It starts out with me driving my dad to my school (still working on getting my license). :P
From there I go to all my classes hoping they'll go faster because after 30 minutes in 1st period I'm already starving. Finally lunch comes around and I go eat my food

August 17, 2012

End of Summer Thoughts

With only a week of summer left, here are some of my thoughts.

The first feeling I'm having is that I'm ready to go back to school. I know it sounds crazy, but there's only so much purpose you can find for 16+ hours of a day. The purposes I do find for those hours also sometimes feel like a waste. For example, watching hours of YouTube videos a day doesn't really make me feel like I accomplished anything.

The second feeling is that I don't want to go back to school. Yes, I have those reasons to go back, but there is also the fact that I will have less free time. Especially since I am going to have some harder classes (AP US. History and Honors English -- for which I still need to read/annotate The Crucible) which will require a lot of at home work time. Then you add in Cross Country almost every day after school and you end up spending 12+ of your 16+ hours doing stuff for school.

Now, there is a reason I would like to have some free time now. My urge to write has returned and so I'm working on getting A Conjurer's Writings back up and running. There I've written some fan fiction stories and now wish to continue them. The other major writing event is NaNoWriMo in November. Maybe this year I will be able to write the 50k word novel in the month of November. I didn't do very well last year.

Let me know what you think of what we've been doing. If it all goes okay we'll hopefully be able to post pretty regularly, even once school starts. Of course, if we can't do it when we have lots of free time, how are we going to do it when we have barely any? XD

The Lost One

Ps. We started afternoon practices for Cross Country this week... and I've discovered that running in the heat is a lot harder. Especially since it was all the steep hill workout. I also have my first meet tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too bad. Won't be surprised if I'm still the last person to finish. *shrugs*

July 28, 2012

Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

This last weekend I read Paper Towns by John Green. It was an interesting book and just thought I'd share my thoughts on it.

The story follows a boy named Quentin as he goes through the last little bit of his Senior year in High School. The thing is, his next door neighbor, and friend, decides to change up his life a bit. In the process though, there is one main topic and that's what I'm going to focus on. (don't want to give any spoilers) ;)

The topic that he uses is told to Quentin early in the story, but it stays in his thoughts always.

It's the idea of "paper towns". There are a couple different definitions of them:
     - Subdivisions that were never finished (also called psuedovisions).
     - Fictional towns that are placed on maps as copyright traps.

In these towns are the "paper" people. These are the people we see only as what we think they are, the way our "story" writes them. Green explains this also like looking in a mirror. It is only when we finally can make the person a window more than a mirror that we see who they really are. It is then that we can really understand them.

The other thing I found interesting was the idea of a feeling, the feeling of leaving your "paper town". When Quentin feels this, he gets a better understanding of why Margo did what she did. I think I know the feeling too. Though it's a little different, I get this sort of feeling whenever I go on vacation. It's that reluctance to return home because this new place feels so much  better. The thing is, it isn't until that big moment when we finally leave home to LIVE somewhere else that we get the full strength of it.

The thing is, all of this could be part of why I feel the way I shared last week, because I'm tired of living my little paper life. I want it to become real... but time just moves too slow for it to happen.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Even though there was quite of bit of language, it was still an amazing story, and that is all that really matters. Green is one of the few authors that I can pick up their book and not be able to put it down.

~ The Lost One ~

July 21, 2012

Service and Friends

Yesterday was a pretty good day. The reason for this was that I finally accomplished something that helped others in the real world. What was this odd act? Well, it was a service project.

A couple weeks ago, a friend from school posted an event on Facebook. This event was to go to a nearby greenhouse. Here's what she explained it as:
The Murray Greenhouse is a place where disabled adults learn life skills and continue their education. They raise their money and profits by supporting a greenhouse and selling the plants to the community. It's a great organization, that needs a lot of help.
So last night (Thursday) we went over and played around with dirt, weeds and a lot of spiders to redo some of the tarping around the outdoor planters. There were probably about 14 of us there and we had a great time. It was made even better when her mom came over and cooked funnel cakes in a dutch oven for us. They were delicious! :)

This event made me think about something I have lots of thoughts about. And that is, what friends are. An odd topic for here, I know, but it's something I'd like to get off my mind and hopefully be able to share with other people later. So let the crazy thoughts begin. (Warning: My thought process is weird and jumbled so be warned. These are my opinions and you don't have to agree to them, just read so that you understand. Thanks!)

There are two main titles that I give my groups of friends: Friends and Acquaintances. Friends are people I talk to a lot and who I actually hang out with. So yes Tyler, you're counted in there.
The other people (which are 99% of my "friends") I call Acquaintances. These are the people I "know" because I've met them before, know their names, and maybe talk to them... but that's all.

I don't know, maybe I'm just shy or whatever... but when I've spent 90% of my summer sitting at home, playing video games on my computer until 5 am... it makes me really sad. Sure, there's church, Young Men's and Summer Seminary (this month), but that doesn't really do anything for me. Cross country was nice the first couple times I went (before my doctor pulled me out) because I had to wake up and go accomplish something. I think a job would be nice, but my self confidence isn't the highest. (That's the same reason I have a problem talking to people... which is what I would love to do, talk!)

But really, it was last night as I helped will all the things (even though I didn't know what I was doing) that I finally felt like there was a good reason for me waking up that day. That's one reason I love Summer Seminary, it gives me a reason to get up rather than just sleep in, sit on the computer for hours, then go back to sleep. I'm glad that you have more confidence at calling me, Tyler... because the couple of times I've gone over and played video games have been great. We sit there and have a great time, even better when we add Kaleb into it. Though, maybe now it's my turn to have you over. I could be the one who wins for once if we played some Wii games. :P

Sorry for such the sad post... I guess I'll talk to (well, again I don't talk much, so I mean email) you later today. ;)

Have a good weekend! :)

- Cameron
~ The Lost One ~

P.s. Hope your mouth is feeling just lovely! :P
P.s.s. If you have problems with text being highlighted in white when you post, let me know, I know how to fix it now. :)

July 7, 2012

Adding to the Random

It's been a few weeks, but this is Tyler again. I know that all of the nonexistent people who read this blog missed me. Who wouldn't want to read such amazing stuffs? Anyways, I do enjoy the random whatever that only Cameron reads.

So I've decided that I have too much structure in my posts and it needs to be more sporadic. I'm not even going to make this an official update.

So ha.

Anywho, as Cameron has mentioned, cross-country begins quite soon. If you want to know the exact time thirty or so people are going to start abusing their own bodies for the sheer enjoyment of it, the first practice begins at seven-thirty (mountain whatever time) on tuesday the tenth of July.

I'm excited.

I'm probably making Cameron worry by my talk of great pain. But need not worry, a dozen of us run so hard that it makes up for the laziness of everyone else. Although you will hurt. But it's the good kind that you get used to and learn to love!

Any non-runner probably thinks I'm crazy about now.

I am.

Really though, one could describe Tyler quite well with the adjective "runner". Almost all of my philosophy and the way that I think comes from my running background. Many people take a look at me and can tell that I am a runner. I would have taken it as coincidence had it not happened so many times in one day.

Back to the impending running season, I have high hopes this year. Very high. I may finally be fast enough to make varsity this year (I'll only be a Junior). I got a little lazy with more than my posting the last couple of weeks, however, and I'm quite unfit. I ran very hard Wednesday (I forgot that it was the Fourth of July at least six times) but was unable to get anywhere near what my target was. I convinced myself to go for a short run yesterday and my hips protested to that for about a mile. But I felt really good and ended up running three times as far as I had planned when I set out.

Tyler is not hopeless! Yay!!

-The Strange One-

July 6, 2012

Horoscopes and Celebrating

Hey, it's still Friday! ;)

So I was on my Wizard101 Twitter talking with people and I noticed someone sharing a thing about a Taurus's (astrology kind) personality. I figured, "Hey, I should go find out what mine says."

These are the two pages I found on a website:

My Birthday Horoscope
Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Horoscope

The funny thing is, they actually match me pretty well. Which is strange, since I don't believe in a lot of these kind of things. Below are some quotes from the above sites that especially fit me. Enjoy

"...can be...attentive one moment, unreachable and remote the next..." 
"these individuals are determined to wring every bit of humor out of even the most unlikely events...and have the ability to laugh at themselves."
 "do not easily make friends...seldom open themselves up emotionally..." "They are often shy people who wait for friendships to develop instead of actively pursuing them." "They may have a difficult time being part of a group...rarely discipline problems, though they can become excessively moody and depressed during adolescence..."
"often suffer from minor stomach cramping or nausea, especially when overworked or excited. Unfortunately their "cure" for this is often to overeat."
"keep their goals to themselves...this is a mask worn against the possibility of failure, because failure is their deepest fear." 

Had a wonderful night on the Fourth of July, which was Wednesday. Every year we go to my uncles house and watch the fireworks from his front lawn since he has a pretty good view of one of the shows. They almost didn't have them this year though due to all the fires in the state. Due to this not very much of my moms family was there, but we still had a hilarious time with just the small group.

But yeah, apparently there have been at least 10 huge fires burning recently. So much of the state is dry from not having rain for such a long time. Then you add the stupidity of people or odd things you never knew could light fires and you get all of this. Bans on fireworks in some areas, people losing their homes and all their valued belongings, some may even lose their lives.

Thankfully we have a huge group of firefighters to fight these fires off and prevent some of the damage. Sadly, due to the fires blocking the new camp area and the camp we usually go to for the event being made a command and recovery center for the firefighters, we may not get to go to our stakes Fathers and Sons outing this weekend. Hopefully all of this can get taken care of so that no more damage is done. The outing isn't that important, but if it's canceled... it means that more peoples lives have been ruined or hurt.

Sorry to end on such a sad note, but just thought I might as well share my thoughts on this. And hey, now I have this written down for future remembrance. Make sure to stop by tomorrow to read (hopefully) Tyler's post. Have a wonderful Friday!

- The Lost One -

June 29, 2012

Oops, Sorry 'bout That

Sorry for the lack of posting... hopefully this won't happen very often.

Main reasons for this include (or will be):

- Busy Life
- Bad Memory
- Vacation
- Lack of Content

On the upside... it was my birthday yesterday! Sadly, adding a year to my age isn't going to do much, for now. It will by the end of next month probably. Seems that procrastination is making these "big" changes happen slower than they do for most people.

Oh, and I'm cleared by my doctor to do Cross Country... for the time being. Have to go get a test done to check something that has been worrying me, and if the results are not good he'll take that clearance back. Should have the test done sometime next week if things work out as they should and the results of it will be out soon after it.

Now to prepare for my Wizard101 in-game Belated Blogaversary Party for The Conjurers Inn tomorrow night. (info here if you're interested)

- Cameron
The Lost One

June 17, 2012

Silent House

Well, I apologize for being a day late, Tyler has the worst memory known to mankind.

"How are you holding up? Because I'm a potato." This is a quote from portal 2, which I have been watching many videos of lately. Not sure why I'm telling you all about this, but it was kinda funny.

..... Do you hear that silence? It's the sound of my foreign exchange student not being here. Which is quiet. He left last week after living in my house for ten months, in my brother's room (who is in Florida for two years being awesome). He was the noisiest person I have ever met. One could tell where he was at all times because he could never be quiet, whether he was whistling or 'singing silently' to himself, he was making a great deal of noise. I can try stomping down the stairs as loud as possible and not make as much noise as he did.

Another thing he did was stop at every single mirror he saw so that he could vainly check his hair. Even if he had checked it moments ago, he would do it again for just as long. I had to move into our half bathroom downstairs because he would take half an hour in the bathroom every morning.

I hope I don't sound like I've been complaining, but I am just quite glad that he is gone now.

- Tyler

June 15, 2012

Music is Amazing

Music can do so much. When you listen to it, the mood of the music can become your mood.

The best movies and games always have great background music that you listen to as you run around the world. You may think the fighting is exciting, but when you hear the battle music start you get even more into it.

Sorry that this is going to be a short post... still working on figuring out what to do... and it's really unorganized. (oh well)

But to continue with the music, here is a list of musicians I have recently been listening to that are amazing. (They are not linked)

- Approaching Nirvana
- Lindsey Stirling (Violin)
- The Piano Guys (Piano and Cello)
- Peter Hollens (A Capella)

You can find them all on YouTube. (Which you should do right now and listen to them).

The last thing is that YOU can create music. Whether you can sing well or you play an instrument (of any type), you can make it. When you do this, as long as you're enjoying it, you can, in part, feel the music more than when you just are listening. You can make it sound however you like. And if you don't like to make it, you can still listen to others!

Have a great week,
- Cameron

P.s. Tyler... you knew there was a black widow hiding in your basement and then you invited me over to play video games!? I could have died! :O


June 9, 2012

Update and Ranting about the Dentist

It's Tyler again, and I've decided that I will post regularly on Saturdays. That means I only get to confound you all once a week. Anyways, I will start every post will a something random and what I have to say about it, then I will continue with the post on a more or less single subject. So here we go.

Seeing a spider isn't a problem. It becomes a problem when it disappears. (Read this somewhere, not sure where, though). I read this just after finding what I believe to be a black widow in my basement. I never killed the spider, and I'm now extremely paranoid about going into my basement.

Today, I'm going to rant about the dentist. Very many rant-worthy things happen at the dentist, even at a routine cleaning. First, they lay a heavy bib type thing on you so they can blast dangerous wavelengths at your face to check for cavities. They will walk out of the room to protect themselves, while leaving you to the full devastation of the x-rays. After that, they stick their fingers in your face and start shoving sharp metal objects around. As I am sure you all know, this can be very annoying. You have to hold your mouth open and avoid swallowing and screwing it all up. The best way to do this is to time it right when there are no hands or objects in your mouth. Sometimes, the dentist appears to test how strong your will power is and stay in your mouth until you swallow. And we never know just how wide they are grinning about your discomfort due to the bright light in your eyes. But of course you always get free stuff at the end. As if floss makes is adequate compensation.

When I recently went, I got my wisdom teeth looked at. They are coming along quite slowly up top, but the bottom is a different story. One side is perfectly fine, even great. On the other side, the tooth is completely sideways, and pointing down a bit. It has no roots yet, but once those start to develop.... Ouch does not adequately describe. So I get to go to an oral surgeon to get the bottom two removed within a month or it starts to be a big problem. My dentist has already rated the difficulty of removing the tooth a nine of ten (ten being the hardest). But the top teeth aren't ready to be removed yet. That means I get to go through the process of having wisdom teeth removed a second time in a few years. Joy.

That's all for now, but next week I will talk about what great things I've done after the departure of my foreign exchange student. I will probably have to explain that I had one in the first place, but whatever.

Until next time,

June 8, 2012

A Jumble Update #1

Just want to give you all a heads up on what we're working on.

We're going to try and set up a schedule of sorts.  For instance, you can expect my posts to be up on Fridays. This will make it easier both on us... and on the readers so that they won't be thinking, "Hmm, wonder when they're going to post." After a little while of doing this we'll see how it works and how we can improve it.

I'm also going to be working on a new thing... hopefully the first one will be ready in a couple weeks. There are a few things that I don't have yet. Also, I can't decide whether I'm going to need some other people to help me out or not. I'll update you all on it next week...

Until then,

- Cameron

*Edit* Fixed some grammatical errors...

June 5, 2012

The Joining of Tyler

Ah, Cameron. I hope you know I do this merely because I have nothing better to do with my life. Or something. That's really just my way of justifying why I am doing this. And just so that we all know, if Cameron dies from cross-country, I will be laughing the entire time.

Anyways, I am Tyler and I have an eccentric friend who wants me to blog with him when I am sure no one else really cares. But the fact that I have no mental sanity has lead me to agree to his quest. If you do not believe me that I am crazy, I will tell you that I spent an hour playing frisbee with myself yesterday. It was fun. I also run just for the enjoyment of it. For some strange reason, non-runners find this a sign of insanity. I'm not sure why.

So I suppose that I will bore you with the random things I do in the future.Farewell -Tyler

May 31, 2012

Cameron's Summer Ideas

September 2011 - "This is going to be a long year."
May 2012 - "Wait, I'm already done with my sophomore year? It feels like I just started!"

      Time is such an odd thing. When we want it to go fast it slows down, but if we want it to slow down it speeds up. The one thing that is always certain though, is that after it goes by, it's gone forever., unless... never mind, I'm not even going there.

     Now with school over, the first thing I wonder is what I'm going to do with the 7 1/2 hours I now have free. So far I have started it off with the simplest thing, video games. The main ones that I'm playing right now are Runescape, Wizard101, Minecraft (also Tekkit), and a little bit of Wii Mario Kart. The only problem is that, though they are really fun games, they are much better when you can play them with people you know. That's why I'm trying to work on getting this set up here.

     You may notice that the description above starts with "A group of friends...". That's something else I would like to try this summer along with the games, working to create a blog of sorts with a few friends. In a way, I think of it as a YouTube channel... but it's just the transcripts for the videos. I think it could be really fun if we worked together to do it. The hardest part though, is just convincing them to try it out.

     My summer begins to get pretty crazy though after my birthday. I'm going to be on the Cross Country team (so if I die, blame Tyler). Along with that, I'm going to look at getting a job so that I have moolah to spend on the games and upgrading my computer. Also got trips with family and friends planned through out the summer. Then it all ends with returning to school... but who cares about that now? I don't for sure.

     So yeah, those are my plans or ideas about what I'm going to try and do. Down below, leave a comment letting me know what you think and any tips you have for making my ideas work. Thanks for stopping by and reading my crazy thoughts. 

Until next time,
- Cameron

March 24, 2012

Channel Spotlight #1

Recently I found this amazing YouTube channel that puts out some cool videos. This channel is called VlogBrothers. They post new videos every Tuesday and Friday about random things and fill them with their thoughts and craziness. Yesterday's video is a great example of some of the craziness, I'll put a direct link to it below along with that of the main page. If you haven't check them out already you should! And then check out their other channels (SciShow, CrashCourse, and TruthorFail).

Also, just a reminder to send in those questions for the Q&A by April 6 to either my Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube (links on the right) with the title "Q&A 1".

Disgusting Cookies - The 2012 Hungry Games

- Cameron

P.s. Want to see more of these? Leave a comment below!

March 19, 2012

Hello and Questions

So to begin with I just want to say "hello".

What I want to do with this is just have so fun and post stuff about games that I'm playing. I'll also talk to some friends and see if they maybe would like to join in too. That's why I named this place the Jumble of Nothing... because that's pretty much what it is.

I probably won't post a lot right now due to school, but I'll try to stop by at least once a week and let you know what I'm up to. (which in a way sounds kind of weird... but whatever)

Now this next part is up to you, the readers.
In one of my next posts I'd like to try doing a sort of Q&A thing. So if you would send some *appropriate* questions to me via Twitter or YouTube (link on the side) I will try to answer them. (Make sure if you're sending them on YouTube to make the title "Q&A 1")  Let's say send them in before : April 31 and i'll put up the post sometime during the following week.

- Cameron

* appropriate = non vulgar ... all vulgar questions result in you being blocked