July 7, 2012

Adding to the Random

It's been a few weeks, but this is Tyler again. I know that all of the nonexistent people who read this blog missed me. Who wouldn't want to read such amazing stuffs? Anyways, I do enjoy the random whatever that only Cameron reads.

So I've decided that I have too much structure in my posts and it needs to be more sporadic. I'm not even going to make this an official update.

So ha.

Anywho, as Cameron has mentioned, cross-country begins quite soon. If you want to know the exact time thirty or so people are going to start abusing their own bodies for the sheer enjoyment of it, the first practice begins at seven-thirty (mountain whatever time) on tuesday the tenth of July.

I'm excited.

I'm probably making Cameron worry by my talk of great pain. But need not worry, a dozen of us run so hard that it makes up for the laziness of everyone else. Although you will hurt. But it's the good kind that you get used to and learn to love!

Any non-runner probably thinks I'm crazy about now.

I am.

Really though, one could describe Tyler quite well with the adjective "runner". Almost all of my philosophy and the way that I think comes from my running background. Many people take a look at me and can tell that I am a runner. I would have taken it as coincidence had it not happened so many times in one day.

Back to the impending running season, I have high hopes this year. Very high. I may finally be fast enough to make varsity this year (I'll only be a Junior). I got a little lazy with more than my posting the last couple of weeks, however, and I'm quite unfit. I ran very hard Wednesday (I forgot that it was the Fourth of July at least six times) but was unable to get anywhere near what my target was. I convinced myself to go for a short run yesterday and my hips protested to that for about a mile. But I felt really good and ended up running three times as far as I had planned when I set out.

Tyler is not hopeless! Yay!!

-The Strange One-

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