July 21, 2012

Service and Friends

Yesterday was a pretty good day. The reason for this was that I finally accomplished something that helped others in the real world. What was this odd act? Well, it was a service project.

A couple weeks ago, a friend from school posted an event on Facebook. This event was to go to a nearby greenhouse. Here's what she explained it as:
The Murray Greenhouse is a place where disabled adults learn life skills and continue their education. They raise their money and profits by supporting a greenhouse and selling the plants to the community. It's a great organization, that needs a lot of help.
So last night (Thursday) we went over and played around with dirt, weeds and a lot of spiders to redo some of the tarping around the outdoor planters. There were probably about 14 of us there and we had a great time. It was made even better when her mom came over and cooked funnel cakes in a dutch oven for us. They were delicious! :)

This event made me think about something I have lots of thoughts about. And that is, what friends are. An odd topic for here, I know, but it's something I'd like to get off my mind and hopefully be able to share with other people later. So let the crazy thoughts begin. (Warning: My thought process is weird and jumbled so be warned. These are my opinions and you don't have to agree to them, just read so that you understand. Thanks!)

There are two main titles that I give my groups of friends: Friends and Acquaintances. Friends are people I talk to a lot and who I actually hang out with. So yes Tyler, you're counted in there.
The other people (which are 99% of my "friends") I call Acquaintances. These are the people I "know" because I've met them before, know their names, and maybe talk to them... but that's all.

I don't know, maybe I'm just shy or whatever... but when I've spent 90% of my summer sitting at home, playing video games on my computer until 5 am... it makes me really sad. Sure, there's church, Young Men's and Summer Seminary (this month), but that doesn't really do anything for me. Cross country was nice the first couple times I went (before my doctor pulled me out) because I had to wake up and go accomplish something. I think a job would be nice, but my self confidence isn't the highest. (That's the same reason I have a problem talking to people... which is what I would love to do, talk!)

But really, it was last night as I helped will all the things (even though I didn't know what I was doing) that I finally felt like there was a good reason for me waking up that day. That's one reason I love Summer Seminary, it gives me a reason to get up rather than just sleep in, sit on the computer for hours, then go back to sleep. I'm glad that you have more confidence at calling me, Tyler... because the couple of times I've gone over and played video games have been great. We sit there and have a great time, even better when we add Kaleb into it. Though, maybe now it's my turn to have you over. I could be the one who wins for once if we played some Wii games. :P

Sorry for such the sad post... I guess I'll talk to (well, again I don't talk much, so I mean email) you later today. ;)

Have a good weekend! :)

- Cameron
~ The Lost One ~

P.s. Hope your mouth is feeling just lovely! :P
P.s.s. If you have problems with text being highlighted in white when you post, let me know, I know how to fix it now. :)

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