June 29, 2012

Oops, Sorry 'bout That

Sorry for the lack of posting... hopefully this won't happen very often.

Main reasons for this include (or will be):

- Busy Life
- Bad Memory
- Vacation
- Lack of Content

On the upside... it was my birthday yesterday! Sadly, adding a year to my age isn't going to do much, for now. It will by the end of next month probably. Seems that procrastination is making these "big" changes happen slower than they do for most people.

Oh, and I'm cleared by my doctor to do Cross Country... for the time being. Have to go get a test done to check something that has been worrying me, and if the results are not good he'll take that clearance back. Should have the test done sometime next week if things work out as they should and the results of it will be out soon after it.

Now to prepare for my Wizard101 in-game Belated Blogaversary Party for The Conjurers Inn tomorrow night. (info here if you're interested)

- Cameron
The Lost One

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