June 17, 2012

Silent House

Well, I apologize for being a day late, Tyler has the worst memory known to mankind.

"How are you holding up? Because I'm a potato." This is a quote from portal 2, which I have been watching many videos of lately. Not sure why I'm telling you all about this, but it was kinda funny.

..... Do you hear that silence? It's the sound of my foreign exchange student not being here. Which is quiet. He left last week after living in my house for ten months, in my brother's room (who is in Florida for two years being awesome). He was the noisiest person I have ever met. One could tell where he was at all times because he could never be quiet, whether he was whistling or 'singing silently' to himself, he was making a great deal of noise. I can try stomping down the stairs as loud as possible and not make as much noise as he did.

Another thing he did was stop at every single mirror he saw so that he could vainly check his hair. Even if he had checked it moments ago, he would do it again for just as long. I had to move into our half bathroom downstairs because he would take half an hour in the bathroom every morning.

I hope I don't sound like I've been complaining, but I am just quite glad that he is gone now.

- Tyler

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