June 15, 2012

Music is Amazing

Music can do so much. When you listen to it, the mood of the music can become your mood.

The best movies and games always have great background music that you listen to as you run around the world. You may think the fighting is exciting, but when you hear the battle music start you get even more into it.

Sorry that this is going to be a short post... still working on figuring out what to do... and it's really unorganized. (oh well)

But to continue with the music, here is a list of musicians I have recently been listening to that are amazing. (They are not linked)

- Approaching Nirvana
- Lindsey Stirling (Violin)
- The Piano Guys (Piano and Cello)
- Peter Hollens (A Capella)

You can find them all on YouTube. (Which you should do right now and listen to them).

The last thing is that YOU can create music. Whether you can sing well or you play an instrument (of any type), you can make it. When you do this, as long as you're enjoying it, you can, in part, feel the music more than when you just are listening. You can make it sound however you like. And if you don't like to make it, you can still listen to others!

Have a great week,
- Cameron

P.s. Tyler... you knew there was a black widow hiding in your basement and then you invited me over to play video games!? I could have died! :O


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