March 24, 2012

Channel Spotlight #1

Recently I found this amazing YouTube channel that puts out some cool videos. This channel is called VlogBrothers. They post new videos every Tuesday and Friday about random things and fill them with their thoughts and craziness. Yesterday's video is a great example of some of the craziness, I'll put a direct link to it below along with that of the main page. If you haven't check them out already you should! And then check out their other channels (SciShow, CrashCourse, and TruthorFail).

Also, just a reminder to send in those questions for the Q&A by April 6 to either my Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube (links on the right) with the title "Q&A 1".

Disgusting Cookies - The 2012 Hungry Games

- Cameron

P.s. Want to see more of these? Leave a comment below!

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