February 17, 2013

The Season of Discouragement

This time of year is my least favorite. Luckily, with my new found friends, it's not as bad as usual.

A fish... he adds some life to this post. :)
     To start off, the weather is terrible. With cold winds and terrible inversion, it makes being outside no fun. Gray skies make everything gloomy and discouraging. Then with it being cold, any weather usually turns into ice on the roads and such. I can't wait for spring to come and for the world to decide to be done with all this nasty snow. I myself love the rain. The smell of it, the clear air it brings, all of it is great. The slight warming up is also nice. The green and growth of everything is nice too.

     Along with the gloomy color of the world, school continues on. It's at this point, when interests in it all drop, that it is hard to keep going. The only reason I'm doing as well as I am, so far, is that, in the last few months, my group of friends has grown by a lot. The greatest example of this was my amazing group of friends that I hung out with for Junior Prom last weekend. Sure, some of them I am better friends with and enjoy being around more that others, but just having someone to joke around with during school and out of it is very nice. Though, the saying that "what goes around, comes around" really fits the sickness that we all seem to have passed around (another thing I hate about this time of year... getting sick).

     School itself is really just becoming a blur. Hopefully I can last this next month until spring break. From there is just the last couple months of slowly finishing off the classes and taking the end of year tests. The best part is that all  the while, summer is right there in our sights and the plans for fun can begin. But that all is still a month away.

    So I want to ask a couple questions. First, how do you deal with all the gloom of school and the world during this time of year? Second, what would you like to see us do with this thing? So far we haven't done a lot, but I think we could have some fun with it, if we had some ideas.

     Thank you for stopping by to read my jumbled thoughts. Hopefully the wait won't be so long between these thoughts next time. Again, any suggestions or criticisms are welcome.

~  The Lost One ~

P.s. Tyler, I challenge you to do a post about your thoughts on this subject. :P

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